Bathtub Refinishing and Bathtub Replacement – Which Is Better?

Comparison between the Cost of Bathtub Refinishing and Replacement

bathtub refinishing cost 300x200 Bathtub Refinishing and Bathtub Replacement   Which Is Better?There are only over 20% of Americans who are familiar with bathtub refinishing. We usually have a custom of replacing bathroom features rather than refinishing them. The cost of replacing a bathtub reaches about $100; however, adding the cost for the contractor, removal, demolition, disposal and the payment for the plumber and tile setter will make the cost increase to $2500.

Then again, the cost of bathtub refinishing reaches a range of $395 to $595. The refinishing process takes place in the bathroom itself and takes about 4-6 hours. First, the soap scums and other dirt in the tub will be cleaned. In order to roughen its surface, the tub is sanded. Afterwards, two coats of primer are applied on the tub after it’s been wiped and repaired. Once the coats are applied and dried out, the tub is lightly sanded over again using fine grit sander. To remove dirt and dust, the tub is wiped again. Yet another coat of primer will be applied again. The tub will be all set for the top coat once the light sanding and wiping of the primer’s second coat is smeared. For the top coat, three coatings of acrylic urethane are put on. Once every coat is smeared and dried up, the bathtub is lightly sanded. Your lovely and new-looking tub is ready after the application of the third coat.

Caution Regarding Bathtub Refinishing

There is no question that all consumers look for the cheapest cost of tub refinishing. There are companies that offer the cheapest and there are also DIY kits available everywhere. Even refinishing kits are accessible too. However, you have to remember that you get what you actually pay for. If you pay only for a low cost, then you might get low quality as well. Therefore, when you hire a company for refinishing your tub, consider the price. You also have to ponder on the duration of the process and cost of quality coats.

Bathtub Refinishing Helps Save More Money Than Bathtub Remodeling

Unquestionably, tub refinishing helps save more money compared to tub replacement. However, are you aware that you can actually save cash by refinishing your tiles rather than replacing them? Tiles can be refinished in any color you prefer. Through tile refinishing, a lot of homeowners, even hotel owners, etc. which own bathrooms with tiles on both walls and floors have the opportunity to save a great amount of money.

Bathtub Refinishing Is Eco-Friendly

Our environment benefits with bathtub refinishing since the bathtubs and tiles won’t be thrown in landfills. The manufacturing of new tiles and tubs also include the use of many environmental resources, so these resources and energy will also be saved because of bathtub refinishing.

Tiles and bathtubs which are worn and stained, chipped, damaged and which have unpleasant and outdated colors can be deglazed.

When bathtubs and further surfaces are professionally refinished, they can last for about 15 years. Homeowners also get a five-year warranty from professional bathtub refinishing companies for any coating peeling issues.

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