Procedures on Tile Flooring Installation

Tile Flooring Installations

An amazing investment for your home is the porcelain or ceramic tile flooring. This tile is indeed durable and can last a long time if given enough care.

You are going to need the porcelain or ceramic tiles, tile nippers, cement backer board, tape measure, sponges, tile cutter or saw, knee pads, rubber float, square, grout, chalk line, eye protection, buckets, thin set, hammer, nails, notched trowel and lots of water when you preparing for the installation of the tile flooring.

You have to remove any molding, base boards, as well as existing carpet, floor coverings or wooden floors. Then clean out the sub floor from any debris and dust.

The floor should be strong and stable. Put the cement backer board on the stable floor then screw the backer board on each floor using 2 inch galvanized screws. You have to dispose the old flooring and take it to the garbage dump. Usually, dumps charge a payment for their services; therefore, be sure to have a worthwhile trip.

If you will hire professional installers, they will surely remove all flooring, trim and do the cleaning. They will also do the disposal of the old flooring along with other debris, so you won’t have to pay the dump charge.

Using the chalk line, mark out two lines which intersect midway of the area. Make squares out of the lines then lay the rows of tiles on the lines marked on the dry floor. In the middle of the tiles, put spacers so as to leave space for the grout. Then look at the arrangement of the tiles. As much as possible, you should place whole tiles at the center. Arrange the tiles you are satisfied with how they’re positioned.

In order to hold the tiles in their place, use thin set. To put the thin set, use the notched trowel. Spread over the thin set as far as you can reach, then put a tile.

Using a steady downward pressure, install the tiles. Always put spacers in the middle of the tiles. To assure that they are in place, you may tap the tiles on their corners. Begin at the center and towards the walls. The last things to be installed are the cut tiles, as well as the boarder tiles. In order to cut the tiles to the desired size, use the tile saw or cutter. Then, leave the tiles in the thin overnight.

Once the tile is left for a day, grout the tile. Slide crossways the grout on the floor with the trowel; go right, left, up and down.

To get extra grout from the tiles before it dries, wash the grouted tiles using a damp towel. Lots of washings will be taken using the same towel. Ensure that the towels are not dripping wet since this may make the grout to not properly set.

For about a day, do not walk on the freshly grouted floor. When the grout is set, wash it again using a towel and water.

If you will do the installation project on your own, you will take about two weeks to complete the job. On the other hand, if you hire a professional contractor, the installation will only take about 2 to 3 days.

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