8 Ways on How to Pick a Paint Color for Your Bedroom

The way color affects our senses, moods and emotions should be the primary thing to be considered when selecting the right paint color for the bedroom.
You have to consider these important things when you would like to choose correct paint color.

  1. Different colors bring about different stuff. For instance, red is the color which excites and increases appetite. Having said that, red is suitable for a dining room or the kitchen instead of in a bedroom.
  2. The room’s size is also another thing to consider. Choose lighter shades of any color if your bedroom is small and if you want to make it look larger. Lighter colors tend to open a room and reflect more light; thus, they make the room look bigger. Conversely, darker colors tend to make a room appear smaller. If your home has odd high ceilings or just has a very large bedroom, you may want to paint it with dark colors to make it look smaller.bedroom paint colors 2012 300x200 8 Ways on How to Pick a Paint Color for Your Bedroom
  3. Dark paint colors are a good option for people who sleep during the day since they reflect lesser light. Less light means that these people could sleep better during the daytime.
  4. Soft neutral colors are a nice choice if you wish to use your bedroom mainly for sleep and relaxation because they are calming and soothing. You may also add a little splash of color of you don’t want the monotony of neutrals. Cool shades such as blue or green are the usual choices because these colors are calming and soothing, thus allowing people to sleep better.
  5. If for instance you simply don’t like colors of blue and green, you can still try out some ways to relate the principles of cool and soothing colors. For example, red is your favorite shade and you wanted to decorate your room in red, you can do a compromise. Paint your walls with a neutral shade of taupe or a nice cool tan. Then, you can place some red decorations such as red pillows or bedcover. You can also put red curtains.
  6. You may also opt to find a cooler shade of red. When talking about colors, warm and color denote color families. Bright reds, yellows and oranges are considered warm colors; whereas, cool colors include blues and greens, as well as colors containing lots of those shades. A “cooler” red could be a red which has more blue – that is purple, rather than having red with more yellow. Go to your paint supplier in order for you to know more of these shades of color. Perhaps, your supplier can even advise a cool shade of red to you.
  7. Another thing to remember is that you own the bedroom and a color of your preference should go with it. You may ask samples from local paint stores near you; then, tape them on your walls to see what’s suitable. Also, look at how every paint sample responds with the lighting, especially on your bedroom. There are colors that look amazing when exposed to natural daylight and then look terrible with the soft lighting usually used in bedrooms.
  8. Lastly, if a certain paint color makes you feel good, go for it. If you totally love a paint color, yet it doesn’t suit any of the recommendations stated here or on other decorating reading materials, just go for it!
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