Incorporating Western Style in Your Bedroom

If you wish to decorate your bedroom with a western theme, you don’t have to exactly have to be in the Wild West. A lot of people use this theme to style their homes and enjoy the atmosphere each day. This theme is certainly a nice decoration for any room and brings out the old west culture.

Your room can achieve an appealing and masculine touch when you create it with a Western style. The following are some great ideas to make a western or cowboy style for your room.

  • A very essential factor is the color of your walls. To show western vibes, use warm and lively colors. Browns, tans, blacks, as well as other dark colors are usually included on a western look. Pick white decorations to create color contrast. You may use fabric with a white cow print for your bed set or curtain. Another idea to make a vivid effect is a white carpet which has black odd spots.
  • A creative way to incorporate the western style is through the decoration of the wall with western wall art. You may find these low-priced wall arts in garage sales.western bedrooms decorating ideas 300x200 Incorporating Western Style in Your Bedroom
  • You can represent a western theme when you hang a rope lasso or simply gluing small ones on your lampshade. For a border on the top of your room, you may opt to cut photos of cattle, horses or Indians.
  • Have your floor made out of hardwood. Select area rugs that have flat woven styles or have imitations of fur skins.
  • Decorate the room using leather straps and saddles if you want to make a cowboy feel. You can let your imagination loose to think of innovative ways to create western accessories with the use of horse shoe, cowboy hats and Indian outfits.
  • Items which are made of iron are suitable for a western-themed room. These could be iron lamb bases or iron cabinet knobs.
  • Decide on what design you’ll do on your room; you may either do a country theme or the old west way. It is all about your choice. To improve the western culture shown in your room, put things like guitars or cowboy boots.
  • Door knobs with designs which represent Wild West are now available in the market. Pick out the design that you prefer and change your old door knob using this western-styled knob.
  • There are also alternate wall hangings which comprise of horse whips, stirrups and chaps. You can find wooden stuff in craft stores. You can select from various sizes and shapes available. Paint them and then hang them on your wall.
  • Your window treatments must go in basic colors. You may opt for wooden shutters or basic curtain panels.
  • The western look will be enhanced using the old trunks and wood furniture you have.

Integrate all these amazing ideas in your room and you can definitely attain the Western look that you desire. Once all the decorations and furniture are set, your bedroom will be warm, relaxing and cozy. You can now experience the Wild West at the comfort of your own bedroom.

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