Easier Designing of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are definitely perfect either for formal or casual living, and in fit any décor. They are really versatile because they suit well various designs and decorating styles. Hardwood also comes in a wide variety of styles, designs and finishes; having said that, there is no doubt that it is regarded as one of the most practical and flexible styles of flooring these days.

  1. Nature brings out the inspiration when decorating hardwoods. You can certainly find the hardwood that will match, as well as compliment your style or décor since there are a lot of hardwood types and wood grains. For a traditional décor, oak is perfect match due to its patterns. To make floor elegant, you may opt to add a high gloss finish to it. For a modern look and design, woods like maple, birch and walnut are a great option.
  2. Mineral streaking and even the existence of shading, knots and color variations greatly affect and enhance the beauty of hardwood. The classification of hardwoods also depends on these same features.
  3. Clear grades of hardwood are defect-free; however, they may comprise slight imperfections. Few mineral streaking is also present in this flooring type which is the reason why it’s regarded as the most luxurious hardwood grade.hardwood floors decorating ideas 300x267 Easier Designing of Hardwood Floors
  4. Similar types to clear are the select grades of hardwood. Nonetheless, these show further natural charm and features like knots and color variations.
  5. More features are displayed by common grades of hardwood compared with either the clear grades or select grades. Most people prefer these because of the particular function of the characteristics they show, as well as the charm they give to the floor.
  6. The number one common flooring is multicolored with dark and light colors, knots, and the like. Number two, on the other hand, has a rustic appearance and displays all of the natural features of that specific hardwood. Among the grades of hardwood, the price of this is usually the cheapest; nonetheless, a modern revival of antique or rustic looking floors has made this specific wood’s price to increase.
  7. When selecting the right hardwood floors for your house, performance is an additional factor to ponder. All types of hardwoods are differently created and made. There are some which are porous compared with others. This characteristic makes hardwoods tougher and less susceptible to stains. Janka Hardness Test is a test which evaluates the rigidity of different wood types usually used for the creation of floors. This test is really helpful in determining the actual toughness of a wood; although, remember that rigidity can also be influenced by the region where the wood was grown.
  8. The construction of the planks and the wood flooring’s finish are other very essential factors to determine the flooring’s durability. Solid and engineered are the two main types of plank construction used in hardwood floors. Factors that will determine the flooring type you will need also include humidity and present sub flooring.

Technological advancements in finishing floors have indeed brought forth floors which are well improved and suitable for everyday living.

Compared to before, they are more resilient to dents, scratches and fading and are also easier to maintain. The advancements brought hardwoods that would endure a long period when taken good care of properly.

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