Five Different Kitchen Window Treatment

kitchen window treatment ideas 2012 300x199 Five Different Kitchen Window TreatmentBe creative enough to update the window treatments in your kitchen which will surely help create your kitchen’s focal point. Before you even decide on which treatment to take, always measure your window’s size first. Then, choose something that fits with the design and color of your kitchen.

The following are five choices of kitchen window treatments you may want to try.

  1. Wood Shutters for a Country Look
  2. Interior wood shutters are a preferred window treatment to achieve a country kitchen decoration. The shutters easily close and open; their installation and maintenance are also easy. You can purchase them painted already or you may opt to paint them by yourself with your preferred color.

  3. Popular Blinds and Mini-Blinds
  4. Blinds and mini-blinds are a great finishing touch for the décor of your kitchen. They are also cost effective. This type of window treatment is very flexible and durable. Not only that, this treatment also adds extra color on your kitchen and can be adjusted to let natural light to enter.

    Various colors of vertical or horizontal blinds come in wood, fabric, aluminum, composite, faux wood and vinyl. The highly advised ones are the faux wood and aluminum since they don’t get damaged when being wet; they are also quicker to clean. If you will use wood blinds, do not put them nearby a stove or sink.

    Tip: If you go for blinds as your window treatment for your kitchen, ensure that they are washable with water and soap.

    If you go for wood style, ensure that it’s been treated for kitchen conditions.

  5. Roman Shades to Add Elegance
  6. The decoration of your home can get an enhancement with Roman shades. These shades have the ability to provide effective insulation and shut out the glare since they are made of rattan, bamboo and other natural fibers. These are an amazing addition on your kitchen and can be placed with or without curtains and drapes.

    The classy style of folded shades gives more privacy and is relatively economical. You have different colors, textures and weaves to choose from for these shades.

    Tip: Regularly clean your shades through dusting or with the use of particularly designed vacuum attachment.

    Make sure to use only the cleaners advised by your retailer.

  7. A Valance or Swag to Brighten Your Kitchen Décor
  8. Valance or swag is a great option for a single window treatment with no privacy issues present. You may opt to use valance or swag as it is or place it with an already present window treatment. Valance and swag come in a great variety of colors, textures and fabrics.

    Go for synthetic or strong fabrics which are resistant on fire and washable on machine if you are to choose a fabric treatment. Great options for small windows are fabrics containing small prints and lighter colors.

  9. Unique Grass Mat Style
  10. Having a grass mat design in your kitchen will make you, your family and friends will feel as if you are present in a tropical heaven. This treatment goes with or without a trim and can match with any color in the décor of your kitchen.

Indeed, you have a lot of options for your window treatment; so why not enhance your kitchen now.

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