Using Rawhide Lamp Shades for Southwest Lighting & Décor

Among the lamp shades which you may use to replace your existing lamp shades or to accessorize your new-purchased rustic lamps are the rawhide lamp shades. These lamp shades are a great option for southwestern table lamps, western floor lamps or antique lamps; they are also handmade. Rustic lamps can have the right ambiance with the old type of craftsmanship of rawhide, as well as the characteristics of its materials. Rawhide chandelier filters light with the rawhide so you can have rustic lamps which can be suspended on the ceiling. Rustic lampshades created with rawhide are great for cowboy, log homes, Native American Indian lamps, cottages and cabins and even on lodge, ranch or country decoration. They are also essential for western and southwest decoration. Rawhide shades are available in different colors and sizes at Mission Del Rey; in fact, they come in 5 colors and 16 sizes. You will definitely adore the radiance of rawhide lamp shades.

  • Southwest décor and lighting
  • Choose a bleached rawhide with a good light cream color for southwest lighting. The color could have random gold, brown and highlights which are rust-colored.  Light rawhide in southwestern lamp shades nicely complements with southwest essentials. When the lamp shade is nearby any Indian pottery or drums or any leather, it helps these things to pick the color tones and bring the theme all over the room. Light rawhide lampshades are great on natural or light colored rustic wood fixtures and accessoriesrawhide lamp shades Southwest 300x245 Using Rawhide Lamp Shades for Southwest Lighting & Décor.

  • Western design, décor and lighting
  • You may try the western rawhide lamp shades at Mission Del Rey for western lighting. The look that you wish is present in western lamp shades since they are created with natural dark goat skin rawhide. A wide range of color tones are also available for these lamps; these colors have rustic look. Natural light and dark coloring can also be seen because western rawhide shades are less constant in color. Western rawhide brings out a dark-smoked style; which is so unique; thus, allowing light to pass. They also produce a golden brown radiance and are matched with deep rawhide stitching. The dark western rawhide lamp shade complements well with any dark leather furniture or on dark wood, so you can definitely complete a nice space.

  • Lighting a Home Using Colorful Country Arts and Crafts Style
  • If you wish to decorate your home with very colorful arts and crafts, you may try colored rawhide lamp shades. Dyed rawhide is a good choice for cabins, cottages or for any place which needs color. It is also great for stylish lamp shades and decorative lamp shades while still creating a rustic touch. Only high quality rawhides are used for the created of dyed rawhide shades. They have to go through a twofold process then lightened and colored with dye to have its dyed shades. Unique grain designs are revealed by colored rawhide lamp shades and these are enhanced further when they are illuminated.

To achieve a great look, try out rawhide lamp shades for your chandeliers, floor lamps, or even on your table lamps. You may also place even on wall candelabras, if you have one at home.

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