Affordable Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas That She Will Totally Love

girl bedroom design 300x213 Affordable Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas That She Will Totally LoveYou have a very wide selection of choices when talking about girl bedroom decorating ideas. To customize your little lady’s room, think through her favorite colors, interests, talents, as well as hobbies. Though you might have a tight budget, you can still transform your girl’s bedroom into something she will totally adore.

It will be challenging to turn girl bedroom decorating ideas into something real. You may consider the things or furniture that you already have or go to garage sales and transform them using fresh paint.

We’ve got some nightstands and dressers from my Grandma’s house before and we used them for my little girl’s bedroom. Basically, I painted the furniture with green gloss enamel. Then, I found some cute Holly Hobbie sheets, which I hoped my toddler would love, at Sears; they come in yellows and greens. My mother-in-law helped me out by sewing curtains while I created a bedcover with frills and ruffles. To match the fabric, I painted the walls with light pastels of green. The trim and the fitted bookshelves I painted with a darker shade. The decorating ideas in my mind are bit by bit coming to form.

I sewed Holly Hobbie pillows, and to complement the theme, I also placed some wall hangings. I hand-stitched the designs I got from tracing pictures of coloring books then placed them on recycled photo frames. This I painted with yellow; thus, my girl’s bedroom looked new.

When my daughter had her pre-teen years, she loved purple and my budget is still tight. Obviously, her bedroom needs another new look; so, I needed fresh girl bedroom decorating ideas.

My daughter and I decided to look for new colors and found striped sheets that come in purple, pink and white on sale. We bought lots of the sheets and I used them to embroider new curtains and covers.

I repainted the green dressers with glossy white and also put new handles. We saw bunk beds at “want ads” then colored them with white too. I also painted the walls with light purple so as to coordinate with the sheets.

We also added further black and white bean bag chairs, a TV and a desk for doing homework. She wanted to hang rock and movie poster so I hang some on her walls.

As you see, you can definitely fulfill your kid’s hobbies and interests while sticking to your budget. Help and support your daughter on changing her room for her to exhibit her favorite colors; perhaps by painting with her. Just work on your creativity when trying girl bedroom decorating ideas and your kid will see a new personal look in her bedroom.

It is more fun to decorate with your family together; then later you can share together these memories. You may also take some pictures. I hoped I got more picture than may visual memories. Putting the girl bedroom decorating ideas into reality is one of my most cherished times and I am so happy that my daughter loved her new bedroom for so many years.

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