Best Interior Design Trends

What are the current interior designs trending these days? You may be wondering of this if you have just moved to your first home, or your first apartment, or if you have moved in a new space or perhaps you just simply want your room be updated. If that’s the case, here are some guides to the hippest décor styles this year; these are for every room of your house.

  • Bedroom Designs
  • This year, the trend for bedroom designs comes back to clean lines and details. This style is definitely modern. People will wish to have bedroom designs which are relaxing in order for them to lessen stress from the economic issues happening around. They want to have rooms where they can retreat after having a long, tough day.

    Cool blues, creamy ivory whites and soft grays are some of the clean and soft hues you have to look for. Surely, your space will have a relaxing and comfortable appearance with clean lines.

  • Bathroom Designs
  • Various bathroom designs are becoming popular this year. This comprises of Moroccan styled tile, natural materials, unusual, yet organic furniture and clean colors. Certainly, it won’t end there. There are endless opportunities when talking about bathroom designs especially as more people wish to enjoy their homes.

    When decorating your bathroom space this year, make a room that you will surely love instead of making something you can sell the best.

  • best living room designs 2012 300x190 Best Interior Design TrendsLiving Room Designs
  • Living rooms should have a blend of style and comfort, which creates a distinctive look. These days, people understand that settling on only one interior design style is not necessary anymore. Thus, they understand that mixing and matching different styles is possible and that there is no such thing as a “perfect” space.

    Do not be astounded to see that most living room designs include Moroccan inspired styles, as well as global inspired ones, electric looks, mid-century modern, vintage, Americana and a lot more.

  • Kitchen Designs
  • Nowadays, kitchen is becoming the center of a home. Having said this, do not be confused when you see most people giving most of their focus on this area. When updating kitchen designs, you will observe the same thing as with the other rooms in a house that most people are coming towards the “here and now” mindset instead of the “what I get when I sell my house” mindset.

    Industrial and rustic styles, even clean, modern touches to get a combination of modern and vintage style are the trending kitchen designs now. Regarding the selection of materials, choose those which are more clean and modern and not the natural and traditional finishes. For instance, stainless steel countertops are popular now compared to natural stone countertops.

    Open shelving, colorful and stylish tile backsplashes like mosaic tiles or Moroccan styled tiles, dark cabinetry and plenty lighting are among the other kitchen interior design trends.

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