Stylish Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room

My wife and I have made decorating our house a work of love. The room we definitely love decorating is our living room. We consider this room as the main heart of our home. In order to create a comfortable yet functional living room, we have used colors, a combination of traditional and modern furniture, attractive accessories, as well as wall art. With some ideas from decorating our living room, we hope to stir your creativity and lead you on the right track to make yours your favorite room room furniture Stylish Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room

  • Paint

The walls of our house when we first moved were painted off-white. This maybe versatile, but still we decided to paint it with favorite color – Sherwin Williams Latte, to suit even our furniture and decorations. Voila! The room brightened up. Once your paint colors blend well with your furniture and décor, everything will work out.

If you live by the water and marine suits your style, you may go for blues, greens, whites and yellows. You may opt for an industrial style having silver and white elements if you are located in a downtown apartment. Try out softer reds, blues, yellows and browns if you want to achieve a country look.

In the case of our living room, we used a neutral color theme. Jen’s favorite color is brown; I, on the other hand, adore colors and shades which can be combined with a neutral theme such as gold, red, maize, bronze and orange. Shortly after, we combined more black.

  • Wall Décor

Coincidentally, one of our former homes has the same colors for the walls. Then there was an unfilled space over the mantle and we thought what we will put in it. The color theme we applied included our beloved latte, a bit of red and gold. We also found a framed wall art at Kirkland’s which has the perfect color and size.

Given the various online resources nowadays, finding the right pieces for your home is a lot easier.

  • Lighting

When the time to add lighting in our decoration came, we first thought where our main source of light will be. Then we considered putting the lighting over the mantle. Shortly speaking, we didn’t need a lot. Also, we did not separate the reading area to the TV area since there was not sufficient room.

We also ask ourselves what type of lighting we wish to use. Should we just add a light unto the ceiling fan? Or perhaps put a table lamps or floor lamps? At the end, we used floor and table lamps which have a mission and modern style. Trust me, these styles complement well.

  • Furniture

The two centerpieces in our living room are the TV armoire and the fireplace. The sofa table in our room is also another piece we love; we actually used it as an anchor feature placed against one wall instead of putting it behind the sofa. Both ends contain lamps and we have placed our family photos on it. It is really good to begin conversations.

We hope that this article helped you realize that style is all in your mind and is about what charms you. It’s about knowing what you truly like.

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