Bedroom Ideas: Transition from the Crib to a Bed

We will get problem when we would like to move child from crib to bed. Here are several important aspects about Transition from the Crib to a Bed.

  • How to Determine if a Child Is Ready to Move from Crib to Bed

The transition is different for every child. Some reach the age 3 before they can be moved to a bed, while there are some already showing readiness signs as early as 18 months. It is much safer to move your child once he shows the ability of getting out of the crib by himself.

  • Things to Prepare for the Move

Make sure to secure furniture with tips that can be climbed on.  Place any needed drawer locks. Examine if there are any plug covers missing and make sure that cords are not reachable. Also, give a look at curtain and blind cords. To also avoid wandering, put a safety gate at your child’s door.

It will also be beneficial to place a video baby monitor in your child’s room especially if you have twins or more. This will help you see what your child is doing. With this, you may know at what particular time you have to go in the room. Safety1st Prism Video Baby Monitor is a good monitoring system to monitor your twins.

  • How to Ease the Transition from Crib to Bed

Experts recommend that during naps put your child in the new bed; whereas, during the overnight sleep itself, put him in the crib. Nonetheless, this is not usually possible certainly with twins because the needed space is not typically there.

As much as possible, make the beds looking exciting, comforting and special. This can really help. If your child will move on a toddler bed, make it special by adding special pillowcases and a blanket.

  • Toddler Amazing Finds for The Move

Milo & Gabby Cozy Companions are absolutely the suitable pillowcases for this move. We have received from them animal-shaped pillowcases and we, as well as the twins, love them. They contain extremely soft 100% cotton and even have soft fill on the tails, fins, ears or feet. We had two of the “Harold the Dog” pillowcases for our twins. There are also styles such as a cat, bunny, horse, fish and a dinosaur.animal shaped pillowcases Bedroom Ideas: Transition from the Crib to a Bed

  • Toddler Beds or Twin Beds?

For our twins, we chose to buy low-priced toddler beds in Ikea. The cribs that we have convert into twin beds. Nonetheless, we did not move to those straight ahead. We think that the spare room is more beneficial to the twins for them to have fun. Being comfortable is also an aspect that we liked on toddler beds.

At this time, the two toddler beds that we have are strapped together through a body style pillow placed at the center. This keeps the twins from rolling each other and falling on the crack. If you wish to have twin beds, make sure they have bed railings to avoid any roll off. You may also try to put many pillow on the floor or just use a mattress.

  • Other Basic Needs

Always remember to allot a space near or in the bed for any additional comfort stuff your child may want. This includes his stuffed dog, blankie, pacifier and sippy cup. Another good option is a nightlight which can be plugged to a socket fashion to interest toddlers.

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