Outdoor Ceiling Fans Tips

You might be thinking of setting up a ceiling fan in your outside patio area in order to beat the heat of summer. Nonetheless, you may be clueless as to what type of ceiling fan you will need. Keep browsing with these useful tips which will not only let you enjoy the summer, but also get the best out of your fan.

Firstly, you have to ensure that the fan you will buy is in fact created for outdoors. Just for you to know, ceiling fans are intended for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor fans are rated with ratings like wet or damp ratings. So, if you are to install a ceiling fan, make sure that the fan has a rating as such.

A damp rating implies that the fan can endure humidity or light rain, but not hard. If there is enough cover, damp-rated ceiling fans are suitable. Thus, your fan won’t get damaged when rain pours.

On the other hand, a fan with a wet rating implies that it can withstand direct rain. An area does not necessarily need to be covered to set up this type of fan. Nonetheless, the cost of this fan can be high. Carefully examine your outdoor space to determine which kind you’ll need. Bear in mind that placing an indoor fan outside can be hazardous.outdoor ceiling fans with lights Outdoor Ceiling Fans Tips

In order to resist elements such as dust and dirt, outdoor fans are normally tightly sealed. Nevertheless, as time goes, dust and dirt can gather in the motor which will ultimately lock up the fan. Eventually, the motor will burn and damage the fan. Moreover, bees can also be a concern. When the ceiling fan is not tightly sealed, it can be a home to the bees, as well as wasps; this may also cause the motor to fail and can damage the fan.

Don’t just simply take the word of the manufacturer when you are purchasing an outdoor fan. A label on the box saying outdoor fan does not actually mean that it can endure the test of time.

The following are what you need to look for in a high quality outdoor ceiling fan:

  • High-rated wirings with further sealant
  • Components like screws should be made of stainless steel and not out of poor-quality aluminum or steel.
  • Ask regarding the motor’s finish. The finish or the casing if the motor needs to be constructed with weather-resistant coating such as a powder coating. You may at least have a stainless steel if not a high-rated powder coating.
  • Make sure to NOT purchase outdoor ceiling fans whose blades are plywood. Even though they have an amazing look, blades created from wood tend to deteriorate due to the elements. These blades will crack and rot because of heat and humidity, as well as mold buildup. Rather, buy a ceiling fan having blades made of fiberglass or ABS plastic. These substances are very durable and resist cracking and warping.
  • If you wish to put a lighting feature on the fan, ensure that it’s properly sealed and are made for outdoor purposes.

Follow these tips and you will surely enjoy and get the most of your ceiling fan. Remember that a good outdoor ceiling fan can endure up to 10 years and can  make your summer extremely enjoyable!

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