4 Popular Trends of Dining Room Furniture in 2013

Dining room should be one of the most important rooms in your house. If you want to decorate the room, you can consider using the trends as guide. 2013 will be coming soon and you should see if the predicted trends will work out well on your own dining room. Here are the predicted trends.

Simple Shape

Dining room furniture trend in 2013 will be dominated by simple shape ones. You should pick a dining room table with simple cut and finishing. You do not need the curves, and also texture look anymore. However for the chairs, it will be one with soft and simple design. You will need s half back on the chair with cover made of soft and heavy materials like wool. You can combine wholesale furniture to enrich your choices.wooden dining room sets 4 Popular Trends of Dining Room Furniture in 2013

Lighten Up the Wood

Being eco friendly will be an issue, still. On this matter, wood is the best material you should choose. Beside it gives rich, stylish, natural look, you only need to choose one with lighter colour. This will not only add the luxury on your dining room, but it makes durable dining room furniture as well. You do not have to replace it for at least years and maybe decade.

Splash the Colour

Dining room will not be a room with only one or two main colour theme anymore. Instead of being very mature, dining room furniture will be more colourful. You will have natural colour as a base like white, black, warm brown, wood brown, and grey. However, you should combine it with colourful chairs colour, table top, and cabinets with accents of colours on the material. It gives lively atmosphere and nice look as well.

Open Shelves

Open shelves or cabinets are becoming favourite choice, this is valuable furniture for people who concern about neatness. You can get wholesale dining room furniture collection to compare pricing and models. The shape and design are pretty simple and nice to look at. They commonly use a natural colour and maybe colourful accents. However, they rarely use doors. They use glass, and even nothing on most cases. It allows you to show off your antique plate collection.

All of those trends are nice and great especially for modern house. You do not have to spend so much space to get them all. And you do not need to add so many accessories on it as well. Basically, they can be set alone or maybe by professional if you want it perfect.

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