Top 4 Unique Brochure and Postcard Ideas for Home Interior Design

Home Interior Design 2012 2013 Top 4 Unique Brochure and Postcard Ideas for Home Interior DesignBrochures and postcards are great ways to promote your business on home interior design. People do not necessarily have to visit your showroom. They can see your magnificent ideas just by looking at your brochure and postcard. To make people even more interested on it, you can use interesting designs for them. Here are several unique ideas to make them standing out.

House Window-Like

You will practically use multiple layers on your brochure or postcards. You will make a window just as it should be and people can see through inside. There, you will display real photo of your interior creation. It is like looking at your showroom windows. The window will be the frame and it will encourage the elegance of the entire designs. In addition to it, you can also make sections for more rooms creation.

best interior brochure design Top 4 Unique Brochure and Postcard Ideas for Home Interior Design3D Brochure or Postcard

Display your creation on house interior by posting it on your brochure and postcard. To make the real photo even more real, we can use 3D effect like popping up texture on several parts. For example, nearer furniture can be popped up from the paper, while the further furniture is displayed in common ways. It gives real feeling of brochure printing design, and people tend to consider such real presentation.

Floor Plan Like

The idea is giving your customers a clear look on how you will work on the entire interior look. Label every room and attached the whole floor plan on your brochure and postcard. Label every room and let your customers to examine the floor plan the entire interior designs. Besides being effective, this opens your chance to get full project in a house.interior design postcards Top 4 Unique Brochure and Postcard Ideas for Home Interior Design

Room Based Brochure and Postcard

If your brochure has enough space, and you want to make multiple postcards at once, it will be a great idea. You can make a display on each room and cover it with a cut paper indicating the room. For example, there will be bathroom paper and when people unfold it, they will be looking at your creation on a bathroom. It allows you to show more rooms in a brochure. It can also be applied on one or multiple postcards.

Picking unique brochure or postcard printing designs can influence your promotion result. There are factors to consider like targeted customers, and also social environment of your promotion. One of those designs can be the right one. Choose carefully and have an outstanding result on your promotion.

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