5 Different Types of Landscape Architecture and Design

hardscapes paver patios design 5 Different Types of Landscape Architecture and DesignCreating appealing landscape needs professional touch. If we want to use our land for nice looking landscape, we should understand different types and designs available right now. The New Albany landscape companies are mentioned to be great at this. Basically, it is divided to hard and soft landscaping that finally varies into more ideas including the following designs.

#1. Landmark

The Space Needle Tower in Seattle is a good example for this type. It is a public place with specific distinctive design that becomes an icon for an area. This landscaping work needs more complicated design than common buildings need.

#2. Garden Landscaping

Almost each country has its own ideas and designs for this. Japan has a long lasting design for their garden just as English and several European countries. It also involves construction on ponds and herb gardens sometimes. It needs specific form of art to make it appealing.

#3. City Park

This landscaping work is intended as more than just aesthetic purposes. Mostly, it also becomes the giant air purifier for the city. It is a complicated design since it commonly also includes woods, lake, gardens, and sport field.

#4. Residential Complex

When a construction company builds a new residential complex, they will need to calculate everything. The architectural designs and ideas need to fulfil social behavioral, environmental, and aesthetic purposes. It explains why we see gardens and accesses and natural circulation design for the area.

#5. All Sizes of Structure

This type includes all buildings from skyscraper to houses and schools. We find many designs on this now from modern to medieval and classic style. As for houses, we also find other designs for sheds, gazebo, and many others.

Hiring professional service that has excellent work record and enough experience will affect the final work quality. We don’t ask for nice look only, but also strength and quality. There are still other types and design available. We should learn more to get the best inspiration.

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