8 Advantages of Living in Westerville Ohio

Westerville Ohio home 8 Advantages of Living in Westerville OhioMore people look for Westerville Ohio homes for sale. It is n understandable fact that many people want to live with the comfort of this suburban area. The switch of people’s interest from living in a metropolitan, urban area to living in a suburban area starts being a trend. And, Westerville is one of the favorite suburban areas for so many reasons including.

#1. Better Schools

Westerville, like other suburban localities, has better schools than urban districts. According to a national survey, it is reported that the graduation rate of the suburban areas is 71% while that of the urban areas is only 53%. It has been the old same fact that suburban dwellers pay more for property tax than urban dwellers. The property tax is used to fund the local schools.

#2. Peaceful Environment

Westerville is a peaceful environment that is good for the physical and mental health of you and family. There is minimal light and noise pollution near your house. So, you can free yourself from the possibilities of stress, increased blood pressure, as well as sleep disturbance.

#3. Lower Cost of Living

A national survey reported that only half of urban dwellers are homeowners while 71% of suburban dwellers own their house. This fact demonstrates that possessing a house in the suburbs like Westerville is more affordable than the urban districts.

#4. Overall Satisfaction

Suburban people are much happier than city dwellers. They give high rating for local job opportunities, cost of living, recreational and outdoor activities, shopping, climate, cultural activities, better places to raise children, and opportunities to socialize with people and make friends within their community.

#5. Less Crime

Crime is not an issue in suburban areas like Westerville where people are confident to leave their door unlocked day and night. The sense of security is high in the area where people are aware about others’ safety. This advantage is important for people who are in the search for Westerville Ohio homes for sale.

#6. Better Grocery Stores

In big cities, you may find many grocery stores without parking lot. The scene will never be found in suburban areas where grocery stores are spacious and may have banks and Starbucks in them. They are a nice shopping place for all members of family.

#7. Cheaper Gas

In the suburbs, gas is cheaper. Not many people own their own car; public transportation system is in a good condition.

#8. A Greater Sense of Neighborliness and Community

In suburban areas, people know each other very well and help each other as well. City dwellers often lack of this sense of neighborliness and community.

Those are the eight advantages people get when they live in suburban areas like Westerville. No wonder, more people seek out Westerville Ohio homes for sale.

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